More than 5000 Exclusive 'Ready To Do Business' Leads For Technical Services Companies Over The Last 2 Years. A 90% Conversion Ratio. We Also Arrange Appointments with Key Decision Makers for Industrial/Commercial/Professional Firms.


Lead Generation Experts

Prime Leads

Our Leads Will Help Create, Build & Develop Your Sales Pipeline. Our Business Leads Are Vital In Growing Our Client's Businesses. They Are Delivered In Batches Or In Real-Time, Depending On Your Sales Or Marketing Strategy.

Urgent Requests

You Want Leads That Convert ASAP. Not Tyre-Kickers Or Window-Shoppers. Our Basis In The Emergency Services Field Has Helped Develop A System That Provides Real-Time & Urgent Leads Delivered Straight To You.

Unbeatable Value

Thousands Of Rand Can Be Saved Using Our System. You Don't Pay For 'Clicks', 'Likes' Or Any Other Misguided Spasm. Or 'Brand Awareness'. You Invest In Our Leads, You Receive Clients, You Grow Your Sales Pipeline. Done.

Professional UI Design

Professional UI Design

About Us

Time To Spare?

Lead generation. Don’t let the ‘so-called’ experts fool you. What’s a lead? Someone who wants to buy your product or service. Now. Not a ‘click’ or a ‘like’ or a any form of misguided spasm.

Who am I? The bane of marketing companies, ranging from the ‘professionally boring’ to the ‘over the top’, ‘trying too hard to be unique’ yuppie. My work ranges from producing thousands of leads annually for technical services companies to arranging meetings with C-Level Executives for private equity firms.

Why? I enjoy bringing ideas to life and creating things of wonder that attract the attention of ambitious, business-minded people. People on the verge of making a transition. And assisting in taking their businesses to new levels.

Whether you need to launch a new product/service or revitalize buying interest in your flagship offer, you need to consult a Route To Market Specialist. You’ll be pleased to know that by clicking on my ad, you’ve done just that. Congratulations!

So, kindly unhitch your sales worries and woes, ready your team, and let’s get going!

Personal Info

  •  072 634 3400
  •  Randburg
  •   info@gteonline.co.za.

Ad Results

Below You'll Find Examples Of Automotive Services Campaigns, A Financial Services Campaign And A Business Loans Campaign. In Each Campaign, We Out-Classed Major Companies With Budgets Much Larger Than Ours.

A True 'David & Goliath' Saga.

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