Artificial Intelligence & Application Development

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Web and App Development

WhatsApp & FaceBook Bots

WhatsApp has over 10 million users in South Africa - and is growing. FaceBook has long been the leader in social media. Harness the power of these platforms to schedule appointments, answer sales queries and much more! Grow your business like never before.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has proven to greatly enhance all business functions from marketing, to operations, to sales. We use AI to deliver better marketing results, increase productivity and predict customer behaviour with up to 80% accuracy! Change your business forever!

Driving E-Commerce

From lead generation, increasing conversion rates to retaining key customers - we have an End to End E-commerce solution. Predictive analytics incorporated with business intelligence tools deliver valuable insight that will drive sales and customer service.

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About Us

All Our Services

Artificial intelligence, web design, app development and digital marketing. We go beyond the conventional and provide frameworks, content and strategy.

Besides having a set of technical skills, understanding client requirements is imperative. However, being able to take those requirements and create applicable, real-world solutions is key.

We bring ideas to life and find solutions to business challenges. Businesses on the verge of making a transition. And we assist in taking them to new levels.

Whether you need assistance with lead generation or digital marketing, design or development, ranging from the conventional to out-of-this-world: Click Here To Learn More

Social Media Bots

WhatsApp is being used by over 10 million people in South Africa, and it’s more likely that your customers have WhatsApp instead your company’s app [if you do have one].

In order to take advantage of this powerful messaging platform, businesses around the world are flocking to take advantage of WhatsApp for business - yet many do not understand or take full advantage of it’s capabilities.

Besides being used as a messaging platform, GTE Online can create Artificial Intelligence ChatBots that simulate human behaviour and can perform the following functions:

Scheduling services and appointments // Answering technical questions // Remote management tools // Handling sales queries // Promotions // Surveys.

With more and more 3rd party vendors joining WhatsApp, the services being offered will continue to grow.

GTE Online will work with you to develop a custom made solution for your business, and will develop a proof of concept at no upfront charge: Click Here To Learn More

AI Driven Marketing

The largest and most successful companies worldwide are investing substantially to harness the power of artificial intelligence. Machine learning - a branch of AI has to date generated billions in terms of saving time, lowering costs and increasing revenues.

However, due to the high costs of developing and implementing machine learning models, it’s beyond the reach of many businesses that can truly benefit from it. This is where GTE Online can assist tremendously. At a fraction of the cost, a machine learning model can be developed and implemented for your company.

In fact, the first steps of our service will not cost you a cent. We begin by analysing a sample of your data and delivering insight in terms of what can be done [cost reduction, profit optimization, time savings or a combination thereof].

The proof of concept is then presented to you, who then determines the level of interaction between your company and ours.

From one of the largest car dealers with a nationwide network of over 100 established showrooms to a property management firm with thousands of complexes under management - our insight has proven invaluable time and time again: Click Here To Learn More

Kindly contact us for a confidential quote or demo, based on your need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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