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Business Planning & Funding Proposals

Pay only for results. GTE creates funding proposals and business plans that work. We’ve Helped Companies Get Funded – We’ve Helped Companies Grow– We Can Do The Same For You.


So, if you’ve found a tender opportunity or have come up with a brilliant business idea, let’s help you forecast, plan and apply for it. 


Below is a downloadable PDF that covers aspects mentioned above…

Business Plans

For over 10 years GTE has written award winning business plans and successful funding proposals for businesses in various sectors and industries. View our business packages.

Business Funding

We have a range of funders from both the private and government sector. Funding can range from R10,000 to R5,000,000. Click here to apply for our funding packages.

Business Strategy

Drawing from years of experience, GTE develops marketing, sales and growth strategies that can be applied to start-ups and established companies. Your strategy starts here.

See Growth In All Aspects Of Your Business

Winning Bids
Annual Growth

Business Forecast Calculators

CAGR stands for Compound Annual 

Growth Rate and is used by Financial Analysts to forecast business growth. By using this tool, you can forecast the percentage your company should grow annually in order to achieve your goals.

A business’s break-even point is the stage at which revenues equal costs. Once you determine that number, you should analyse your expenditure as well as your pricing structure. Your aim is to lower costs and increase profits over time.

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